The concept: The new AXE anarchy.

The Idea: We wanted to present the new AXE anarchy in an innovative way showing the chaos that can result when using the product.

What we did: We took the product and placed it inside the handles of the bus, also we brand the back of the chairs and the rooftop.


The concept: "brand the bus""

The Idea: We  brand the buses on the outside with different brands according to the requirement of the client.

What we did: we used the outside of the bus to show different brands to the public.

 CLIENT: totto

The concept: "TOTTO innovation to succeed"

The Idea: This time we wanted to present all the bag pack models for the new school season.  

What we did: We took the products and brand every chair with each model, that way the consumers can see all new designs 

 CLIENT: energizer

The concept: "ENERGIZER, night race"

The Idea: We took the half marathon in bogotá and join the concept to the brand, you need energy to run this race, like energizer.

What we did: we used led lights to mark the race track  and also we brand the chairs and the handles.