CLIENT: kit-kat

The concept: "Have a break"

The Idea: The idea is to break the chocolate just as you deserve a break by showing the product in its unique way.

What we did: we created a model of the chocolate in 3d, and we break the billboard in half to simulate the idea of breaking the chocolate bar.

CLIENT: clorox

The concept: "clean control"

The Idea: The client wanted to show the beneficts of the product and the power of this product in your kitchen

What we did: we craeted a model of the bottle and we add some blue light at the back to stand out the product, also we light up the word "control" that is one of the benefict of the product.


The concept: "3 in 1"

The Idea: The client wanted to show the new benefits and content of the product, each with a different color

What we did: we craeted a model of the cream and we placed 3 diferent circles, each with a different color to show the benefict of the new L´EBEL cream.

CLIENT: motor

The concept: "start your engine"

The Idea: Our idea was to show the speed meter to join the concept with the car magazine "Motor"

What we did: we craeted a model of the speed meter, also we add some led lights in each number.