What did Walt Disney come out with?

There are campaigns that inspire and Walt Disney definitely could not let this good habit. According to a survey by the agency, Cohn and Wolfe applied to about 12,000 consumers in different markets, Disney ranked the first place being defined as a brand that inspires respect, loyalty, and reliability. The audience applauds in more than one aspect and in this occasion is delighting fans with <I tell you in the kitchen>

In partnership with the Spanish chef Ferran Adria, a project is created to establish spaces where parents and children can enjoy cooking time. To promote healthy lifestyles, inform the origin of gastronomy and the history of natural products they will use Disney characters and stories through interactive content.

This idea was born to become a book, wants to fulfill the communication cycle and that is the reason why they have led to different formats app, e-book, tutorials, videos and television commercials their own website.

Highlight an idea that has interesting collaborations, provides knowledge and takes advantage of different platforms so everyone can have the pleasure to learn while having fun.