Is the digital world shooting job opportunities?

The digital world is part of our reality and this is a factor that affects the labor market and growth of job opportunities.
According to the European digital job fair, it is estimated that in the next two years the sector will generate about 300,000 new jobs and with this the growth for skilled profiles.
The Valley Digital Business School published some advice for seeking opportunities in digital areas, here are some of them:

Let cobbler stick to his last?: Digital skills are no longer a matter for geeks and experts in marketing and communications. The internet, mobile devices, and all tools that emerge there are useful for an increasingly large audience, this is why it is important to have a strategic vision, ability to process a high volume of information and appropriate of created tools.

There is a market waiting for you: While it is true that the digital world is knocking our door every day, it is important to analyze the type of profiles that are most in demanding in the market. Big data, digital security, web analytics and SEO positioning experts are just some of them.

Training approach: The market demand is setting paths to take, this is why all the attention of the curious who wants to settle a path in the digital world should be with the analytical data, e-commerce and development of applications.

Where should I search?: The Increasing of slots publishing announcements and deals for the digital approach every day becomes bigger. Every day a new opportunity comes up and portals like Ecom & Jobs, Seo & Media or business schools have developed Headhunting services focused in the area.

Keep an eye on your social networks: While it is true that there is a lot of content that motivates you to interact on your social networks, not everything is memes and light content. Companies are using social media to learn more about the candidates for their job vacancies and therefore is worth for you to keep consistency between what you preach and do on your personal networks.

Watch your digital fingerprint: Each and every one of your movements on the web are part of your digital history. That is why experts recommend you to pay close attention to comments you make on different networks and blogs, be careful with the use of applications, filling out forms, etc.