Finding the right influencer, it’s not always love at first sight.

Bloggers and influencers are strategic partners in the execution of a communication plan. The right path is to speak clearly and directly to the main audience by means of opinion leaders that inspired credibility and trust.

Now if this profile inlfuencer besides being a reference to a targeted audience, generates interesting content, it’s active, has a large community that follows him and has the chip to connect, what are the other conditions they have to meet for projections so they don’t remain like that, only projections?
Here are some suggestions:

Numbers are not everything:
While it is important that our influencer is positioned and has a wider community, the numbers are not the reason to say yes. The content is the weapon to break any barrier and the volume of followers does not guarantee that the message reaches the audience of interest.

Constant communication
Keep influencer-brand contact, this not only allows the ambassador to get familiar with the project but makes it easier to be aware of any variation or progress during the campaign.

Sincerity first:
Opinion leaders earned credibility from their audiences because of the views and positions they share, therefore, it is essential for the candidate who is becoming a brand ambassador to be satisfied and comfortable with the product that is being promoted.
Now it's your turn to tell us what is the method you trust the most when choosing your brand allies.