What is the first thing you do when you get up?

Have you ever thought aboutthe real use contemporary users give to mobile phones?

A few decades ago, it was normal to see hundreds of users talking in this way, today most of the people carry it in their hands and do not take off their eyes from the screen.

In order to analyze trends, customs and habits around this device, Samsung and The Cocktail Analysis conducted a study in which hypothesis that we were bringing our hands are checked.

To start, users have their first contact with the phone in the morning, considering that 75% use the snooze alarm on the smartphone, 76% watch checks the time on the device, the other 57% check their e-mail or applications like whatsaap and 54% review their social networks.

The accounts do not stop there, on their way to work or to study the degree of interaction increases, close to 55% puts music or access messaging apps and when the working day is over about 75% of users accessinstant messaging applications and social networks.

Usage habits are not far from the scenes we face every morning, noon and night or which we even are the protagonists.