Locate and rule

If something is true, it’s that brands are increasing chances of reaching their segment of interest. For example, dissemination strategies for online videos demonstrated that the mobile format has been expanding the segmentation to the point of selecting audiences from its geographical location.

The merge between segmentation of this type and programmatic purchase, has given greater reach to digital marketing strategies that manage to segment their potential customers by area, CEP, via GPS or WIFI.

Some experts argue that this type of tactics are more effective in the context of events and activations in which the attention of the community is captured in real time with immediate brand experiences.

A study published by the agency Swirl indicates that close to 77% of consumers would agree to provide location data and even coordinates if this would represent a type of reward for them.

The options remain varied and is in the hands of the brands to choose the path of the message or the <carrot> to captivate.