Which is your favorite color?

The Color Theory, captivates brands and buyers

A study done by the company Color Marketing Group shows that 85% of the buying decisions are guided by color, this factor awakens emotions and also generates attraction or rejection in front of a product. 

The psychology of the color on top of awakening all kind of reactions/interests, is one of the most studied in marketing because it has the ability to associate the potential buyer’s feelings with different elements in an unconscious way.

The theory indicates, for example, that the color red is associated with the food line of products, not in vane brands like Pizza Hut or KFC incorporated it in their graphics and Corporate Image.

Yellow, on the other hand is associated to energy, vitality, dynamism, youth and spontaneity, for that reason is a color that motivates buying decisions, reduces stress, shows quality, accessibility, in consequence, it is related with promotional campaigns and offers.

The studies go on and on the marketing world and advertisement continues bench marking in the theorization of the visual factors to attract more followers to the brand.

What do you think?