The cinema graphics, the new visual advertising narrative

Even though the users of the digital scenarios are facing every day is an ocean of information, it is important to highlight the value of those contents that were able to differentiate themselves and generate truly user experiences.

In 2011 the world was introduced to cinema graphics, a format of images in movement, short and rich that thanks to the photographer Jamie Beck and the designer Kevin Burg became popular to animate fashioned photos.

This new visual narrative took position as a marketing and communication tool, that in comparison to other multimedia formats, has very low production costs and its diffusion on top of being effective, is fast.

Cinema graphics in addition to being appealing for the users, are effective in terms of interaction and reach, for this reason the subject savvies suggest to be careful with the channels used to communicate this kind of contents, considering the file weight and the design of personalized images that include interesting information for the segment.

From the automotive industry to the food industry they took the risk to use this tool that is capturing the attention, clicks and visits to the sites and social media networks.