Do you have any idea of the meaning of the FoMo Syndrome?

Optimize your sales e-commerce

In the sea of information in which we are immersed on a daily basis, we can experience anguish for missing out on valuable information. Each second millions of publications and content are produced and, as it is only logical, our senses are overloaded with the information Boom that bombard us from every possible angle

That strange sensation of “what happened while you were gone” is known as the Fear of Missing Out syndrome (FoMo). This phenomenon has been occurring in two thirds of the consumers between 18 and 33 years old and it is precisely the excess of information that fundament this type of reactions

Under this concept some brands have been able to optimize their sales scenarios, stimulating potential clients to take purchasing decisions in e-commerce platforms applying stimulus such as:

 “Time flies and you can be left out”

A clear example of this is the outlet cases or SALE pages that limit the time of their promotions.  With the objective of creating a sales environment, the potential buyers will be connected to the brand in the correct moment and place.

Remind that time is limited

It is not necessary to give out numbers or exact data to create a sense of urgency.  When a potential buyer finds phrases such as “till supplies last” or “limited availability”, he will take measures and will try to be the most effective at the moment of the purchase.

“Others are buying this”

The key is not only to remind that the products are limited but also that there are more people that want to “access” the same good or service.  In internet the buyer does not know how many people he is against in the e-commerce platform, so the risk of being left out motivates to make reservations or quick purchases.

The cards are on the table and the marketing world continues to contrive to take advantage of behaviors and market trends.