One image says more than a thousand words

The power of emoticons

According to a study by Talk Talk Mobile 72% of young people between 18 and 25 years of age have confirmed that they feel more comfortable expressing themselves through emoticons and 8 of every 10 people confirm that they use this type of vignettes and icons in their conversations.

The above proofs that the growing trend of their use, not only makes them an element of expression but that they condition the meaning of the conversations.

According to an AdAge analysis, this condition has motivates brands across the world to develop tools and strategies to extract fast information associated with this communication icons.

To follow the feeling of the brand, practice digital listening and decoding such elements in particular contexts is the new challenge of the agencies and the experts in that unit, is the key to deeply understand the user’s needs.

Big Spaceship is a clear example. This company has been developing a tool that allows to follow up the use, behavior and meaning that emoticons take in different contexts. The brands on the other hand do their best effort to take and include these icons naturally in the daily conversations with their clients.

We have witness brands that have taken the risk using these new communication formats.  Ikea for example, made their meatballs popular with a strategy based on emoticons, Burger King used a keyboard of emojis to promote their new menu and the WWF reached exponentially high reproduction volumes when they included in their list icons of endangered species.

According to the British newspaper “The Guardian” the use of the communication unit applied to the brands works in three levels.  On one side it raises new communication formats that transcend the language barriers because their meanings are universal. On the other hand they establish an effective communication between the brand and defined market segments and finally they have an expressive and emotional function that gives them great value inside the conversational circuits of the users.

Meanwhile Media Effect Research Laboratory, published a study that confirms that the brands that include emoticons in their customer service strategies or interactive chats, manage to break any barrier between client and brand, optimizing all ways of communication.

The success cases around the appropriate use of these types of icons are everywhere, so we share with you four brands that have created their own emoticons.

General Electric