Mobile Connection - Is everybody on the same page?

Having the certainty that mobile usage and Internet activities through mobile devices growth is amazing, we need to learn and understand where we are and foresee definite changes in marketing trends...

Is everybody on same the page? Marketers, manufacturers, users, software and application developers?

Marketers: Is your content reachable and mobile device friendly?  If not you are late….

Manufacturers: Is your device designed to support heavy duty tests in terms of memory, graphics and performance? From my consumer prospective the answer is yes, but there is a lot to continue working on, it is an endless race.

Developers: Every minute you can find new Apps and Gadgets! There are millions and then more, in addition to the periodic software updates... But what catches my attention is the Security issue: Where are we in terms of “Mobile Security”? Are the users overexposed? How protected are we from viruses and hackers? Is my personal information and personal life, including my finances, safe?

My feeling based on what I hear and read is that we are not reasonably safe yet. What do you think?

Users: As users, we normally just know and understand part of it, but are we becoming mobile maniacs?

These are just some things to think about...I love my phone and my tablet and all that I can do using them. 

Mauricio Alvarez.
Research & Strategy