CLIENT: Banco Caja Social

The concept: "Ahorrando, ahorrando, se va llegando" - "By saving you will get there".

The Idea: Our client wanted to show that with responsible saving you can get really far in the future, vacations, house, cars, studies, everything is reachable.

What we did: We wrapped the escalators with images simulating what you can get if you start saving now, and crated a 3D model for the campaign's concept, all of this around crowded fountains in a shopping center in Colombia.   



The concept: "Shark month Latin America".

The Idea: Sharks are scary, but how can you show viewers this in shopping centers? well we actually took sharks there.

What we did: We created a real sized model of a shark coming out the floor in several shopping centers in Colombia; we also added some logos and surfboards to give a feel of excitement in the programs that they were going to show.   


The concept: "Choose the G for ReGeneris, the one with small pieces of fruit".

The Idea: The whole idea was to create brand awareness and emphasize in the product's benefits towards giving you a healthy digestive system.

What we did: We identified and branded key spots in shopping centers were there is an abundant traffic of pedestrians,  wrapped them with brand colors, and also gave logos an important role by lighting them in sequence to simulate the correct digestive movement the brand promotes.