CLIENT: Coca-cola

The concept: "Feria de Flores, Medellin"     (Fair Flowers, Medellin).

The Idea: Our client wanted to show a new design for coca-cola in one of the most important week in colombia, "Feria de Flores".

What we did: We created a big model of the bottle and wrapped  with the new design for the fair, also we put a garden inside the baggage claim to give more impact to the brand.

 CLIENT: corona

The concept: "Playa corona" (Corona Beach)

The Idea: Our client wanted to bring the benefits of the brand to a different place where the consumer see that drink corona beer is like being on the beach.

What we did: We created a big bottle of corona and place two palms trees both side of the bottle and also brought the corona´s beach in to the airport where the people can have a little idea what is like to drink a corona beer.   

 CLIENT: familia

The concept: "Familia House"

The Idea: The idea was to show the people about the quality of the new toilet paper "familia"

What we did: We created a model of the toilet paper so the people can touch it and feel the smoothness of the new "familia"